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heaven*, have you ever been there?

*it's not just us saying this, but our visitors on tripadvisor, google or facebook

About Us

Our vision?

A small theme park in the middle of the citadel of Sighișoara. Well, what does it mean?

place in which our visitor can spend their well-earned vacation relaxing in our summer garden or learning more about local history and Vlad Dracula. This of course in immersive environments. Afterwards, we recommend mastering our Medieval Minigolf parcour with a tasty smoothie. And for the most adventurous of you, we prepare an unforgettable haunted parcour!

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us!

Immersive exhibitions

including animations, light effects and sculptures.

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The Dracula Investigation (2019)

Herro or Villain?

Maybe the most often heard question regarding Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler. Here, at the Dracula Investigation we follow in the footsteps of the great wallachian heir and will learn that his story starts with a human, just like you and me. A man with feelings, a traumatized child, a son, a brother or a warrior - allow us to present you the „real history” of Vlad the Imapaler.

In 5 rooms Vlad himself will tell you his life story. You will see animations, sculptures and light effects. We invite you to travel back in time with us, to get to know Vlad the Impaler, the human.

IMPORTANT: we will not try to scare you and we are not fans of the „vampire Dracula”


Sighișoara Tales (2021)

The good old times?

Come to find out how the people of Sighișoara lived, what they did, how the fought and how they spent their free time.

Here you will get to know families of good people, greedy people, or outlaws. Anyways, people that shaped the fate of our beloved city. In the end you will even enter a chicken coop.

The same goes here, animations, sculptures and light effects included!

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In our summer garden:

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ReFresh Smoothie Bar (2020)

The probably best smoothies in town...

You crave a Tropical Island or you want to stay Forever Young with some Heaven Drop? No, don't worry, these are not magic potions, just our tasty smoothies.

Or maybe you want a cocktail. You probably think of Bloody Vlad, Negroni or a Rasperry Gimlet. And for a energy boost we strongly recommend Espresso Martini.

What could be better after a long walk than an ice-cold beer? We offer you Postăvaru, created by belgian specialists in Galați, or maybe Bucur. The story goes, that this is the favorite beer in our capital city.

BONUS: Every saturday we await you with live music! You can find more informations on our facebook or google pages.

Medieval Minigolf (2020)

The great fire of 1676? Wars with the ottoman empire? The pest epidemic?

What do these things have in common with minigolf you ask?

This and many more facts about our citadel are presented to you in the first minigolf in town. Each track has its own story that awaits to be discovered. In the end you will learn a lot about the citadel's history in a fun way!

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Opening Times

Daily from 10:00 - 20:00


You can find us in the citadel of Sighișoara on Str. Școlii Nr. 12. We are 2 minutes away from the Main Square in direction of the Covered Stairway. Because of restrictions it is usually not possible to access the citadel by car!

Din cauza restricțiilor cetatea nu poate fi accesată cu mașina în mod normal.

Contact information

MYstical transylvania

Str. Școlii Nr. 12

545400, Sighișoara

Jud. Mureș


0770 856 134